Just Martha(s) vs NeroFest Finale [FGO NA]

This was quite the puzzle to figure out, but once I did I could get it to work fairly reliably, but not completely without the specter of RNG hanging over it a little.

Basically you have to really watch your DPS with this setup because if Ozy hits the field and you can’t kill him in one turn you are pretty much screwed. Also, since Martha doesn’t counter-class anyone here having Lalter die too soon is a huge problem since we only have 3 units and can’t take too many NPs. As a result she has to stick around on the field for what I can only describe as “uncomfortably long.”

You definitely need a support Ruler Martha at least as good as my own and with the damage CE to do this. The setup doesn’t allow much room for misplays at all.

Soul Drive – Persona -trinty soul-
Beat from “Melty Blood” – Melty Blood
Venus Racer -Summer Battle 2~ – Fate/Grand Order
Red Faction – Mell (Black Lagoon OP)