FGO: Phanny Pack and the Pursuit of Cake

Let him eat cake.

Not a Phantom setup per se, but he was a major player throughout the other nodes–directly or otherwise–so I gave him a bit of spotlight here, too. (Fionn’s not necessary to this fight at all; he’s just there for the Bond Points and cake.)

Editing-wise, this was super-easy to pull off due to turning off the skill confirmation, meaning that I hardly had to edit out much (though there were a lot of overly-long pauses that I trimmed and smoothed out via crossfades). In an odd way, it feels more like my older videos/gameplay, probably because I used older units like Hans and Mozart.

Phantom Chibi: MoorgatexxX (Twitter: https://twitter.com/MoorgatexxX)

“Symphony No. 40 (W.A. Mozart)” Wolf Hoffman
“Shippuudotou” ClassicaLoid OST
“Honou no Requiem” ClassicaLoid OST

This is not significant at all, but I want you all to check out this video I stumbled upon because it is adorable: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm32601778