[Eng] FGO – Napoleon My Room Lines Translation

[Eng] FGO – Napoleon Bonaparte My Room Lines Translation
Japanese Name: ナポレオン
AKA: Napoleon Bonaparte
(VA: Hino Satoshi)
Eng-trans by Konchew
Translator Notes:
[1] I took some liberties with this line.
[2] Those accursed Brits and their slanderous lies! There is this common misconception, that Napoleon was a man of small stature, but that is not the case. He was of average height.
[3] Not sure about this line: [今の奴はオレに襲いかかったりするようなタマじゃない?][4] So apparently, Napoleon’s wife, Joséphine Bonaparte had a pug called Fortune who was very, uh, possessive of the Madam. It is said that the dog bit the leg of Napoleon when he was getting into bed with Joséphine on their wedding night in 1796 which left a scar. There is also this bit where Napoleon described his interaction with the dog to his friend, the French playwright Antoine-Vincent Arnault. He began by pointing to the little Pug who was lying on the sofa saying: “Do you see that gentleman: he is my rival. He was in possession of Madam’s bed when I married her. I wished to remove him but it was quite useless to think of it. I was told that I must either sleep elsewhere or consent to share my bed. That annoyed me considerably, but I had to make up my mind. I gave way. The favorite was less accommodating …”
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