[FGO] Anastasia chapter – VS Minotaur : Welfare series 6 — My first time 100% F2P team !

– No non-event SR or above servants or CE

I have seen many newbies’ comments about “OMG why didn’t dev make Asterios 4-5 stars” “Asterios 1-star so trash” and this is what happened if you give Asterios gold-border stats…

Remember that this fight he didn’t use any gimmick like most of the bosses today usually does to make the fight hard, just his classic buff skills and he already 1-shot people using his shitload scaling-buff… (not to mention that defensive buff too)

Free single-target-Lv.5NP welfare servants are top priorities of any events. Obtaining them will make your game much, much more easier even if your luck in this game is E-